The first day of school has arrived for many students and parents.

"The first couple of days allow yourself some extra time that will really start your day off for more success," Farrah Gomez, executive director of schools at San Angelo Independent School District, said.

For first-time parents dropping off their kindergartners expect a ride of emotions on that first day.

"Kiddos may get emotional at the door especially if it's the first time to ever be away from the parent," Gomez said.

Gomez said there's a way to handle this situation.

"Really if the parent can step away the kiddo will be OK once they're in the classroom with the teacher and other students," she said.

For parents of a middle schooler she said it's all about taking care of arrangements before the school year starts.

"OK, what are we doing before school, what are we doing as far as lunch?" she said. "Are we eating in the cafeteria? Are we bringing a sack lunch?"

Let's not forget about parents of high school kids who may be driving on that first day of school.

"You can encourage them, 'once you're parked and safe you can shoot me a text that you made it,' please not while you're driving," she said.

The Department of Public Safety cautions parents and drivers who make morning commutes along or near schools to avoid using smartphones.

"We want to avoid using those distractions near school zones," Trooper Justin Baker, DPS, said. "We want to avoid distractions everywhere when we're operating a vehicle. We need to go out there and be responsible and drive and just drive the vehicle the way it was designed."