ABILENE, Texas —
The downtown Abilene initiative along with the Abilene Preservation League is giving life back to ghost signs in downtown Abilene.

Ghost signs are old painted advertisements that have been preserved on a building for a period of time.

Jim Stuart, who took the helm of the Abilene Preservation League earlier this year, agreed that more attention should be paid the ghost signs.

“Early commercial history is very important to Abilene,” Stuart said.  “These signs are a visual record of the businesses that helped shape downtown.” 

Restoration began this week on 'an arrow ford sign” which is an icon of the downtown’s history.

Artist and muralist Sarah Blankenship has tips when it comes to preserving these faded advertisements.

“My approach is to restore it to about 75% so it doesn’t look brand new and still has a little age in it " said Blankenship who has 14 years of experience in preservation.