SAN ANGELO, Texas — More than 100 years ago, Juliette Gordon Law created a place where girls could grow and learn from each other as they develop into young women. The organization Law created is now known as the Girl Scouts of America and has changed greatly since 1912.

"We are not just crafting and cookies anymore," Kayla Robinson, San Angelo Girl Scout Program Specialist, said.  

Girl Scouts has brought cyber security to the forefront of the lesson plan, in hopes of introducing computer science to girls at a younger age.

“Our Daisies even have a cybersecurity badge series, it’s at all the levels from Daisies to Ambassadors,“ Robinson said.

She said it's critical for these girls to have knowledge about the cyber world.

“For Girl Scouts to be able to teach a girl how to conduct herself the proper way online and just to still be a leader online and offline I think that’s what the parents appreciate the most,“ Robinson said.

Robinson said this is only the beginning when it comes to the changes for Girl Scouts in the 21st century.  

“The sky is the limit, I know here in San Angelo, we are working on doing some really big things for girls all around the Concho Valley,“ Robinson said.