Before making a purchase of gold, diamonds or any other fine jewelry, there are some consumer tips to keep in mind.  

“Simply seeing a 14 Karat Gold stamp doesn't necessarily ensure that you are getting that gold especially if it is someone off the street or maybe at an arts and crafts festival where they have a booth setup,” Mark Priest of Legend Jewelers said. 

The Better Business Bureau suggests to consumers to follow these guidelines.  

  • Be sure the item is clearly marked with karat weight and manufacturer. 

  • Note if the item will be susceptible to damage in the future. 

  • Be sure the karat weight of the item is listed on the sales receipt. 

If you are looking to a buy a diamond, the BBB also suggests, that your purchase come with a Gemological certificate which should be kept along with your receipt.  

Priest also adds that consumers need to shop at reputable retail store, “Number one factor that comes into play is, for the consumers is trust in whom you are buying from.”  

The Federal Trade Commission also states on their website, for consumer to have a double take of the receipt. Any information you relied on when making your purchase, like gemstone’s, weight or size, should all be labeled on the receipt.