City Council passed the resolution which shows the agreement between COSADC and Tom Green County in regards to the $4.5 million grant Goodfellow Airforce base is receiving from the governor’s office.

"$4.5 million comes from the governor’s office, $1.5 million from COSADC, and the remaining funds will come from the health foundation,” said Economic Development Director Roland Pena.

In total, it will be an $8.8 million grant Goodfellow will use to renovate the base.

"two buildings that are going to be renovated for the purposes of expanding their mission and they're also going to be constructing a new dining facility that is going to be housing up to 150 new student,” said Pena.

He says anytime the city of San Angelo has the opportunity to help the base grow, it most likely will because it creates economic growth for the region.

"They’re going to be spending here, they’re going to be utilizing that discretionary income, and they're going to be buying and participating in community events," said Pena.

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation provided the $1.5 million in matching funds from tax payer dollars.

But not to worry, taxes are not going up, Pena says those funds come from the sales tax residents already pay when making most purchases.