At this morning's city council meeting, Goodfellow Air Force Base was granted 1.5 million dollars to help with its expansion.

Goodfellow remains one of the top contributors for providing jobs here in the Concho Valley.

“They're going to be bringing in new missions, new trainings, new professors, and hopefully getting some more students in here to better the intelligence broad base that they have now,” said Councilman Lane Carter.

If the base expands its personal the need for space will also grow. Councilman Lane says the base will also be using the funds to expand and renovate about 24,000 sq. ft.

The money comes from tax payer’s dollars that is already set aside for grants such as these.

“It is money designated to COSADC through the tax base for development corporations for future development,” said Lane.

Goodfellow is one of our biggest employers in the city of San Angelo. However, not just any company can get a grant this large from Tom Green County tax payers.

“There’s certain criteria that COSADC requires for them to come in and ask for money that way we're not just giving money out,” adds Lane.

And the councilman says he's very pleased with the partnership the base and city have.

“A happy base is a happy city with us,” said Lane.