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Goodfellow Air Force Base serves meals for Thanksgiving

Service members at Goodfellow Air Force Base received a warm Thanksgiving meal.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The 17th Training Wing leadership at Goodfellow Air Force Base got together to give thanks and serve meals to service members that were not able to go home for the holiday.

“For some of the folks this is the first time away from home for the holidays so it’s very important to give them that little taste of home,” 17th Training Wing Col. James Finlayson said. 

Col. Finlayson said the annual tradition of serving Thanksgiving meals to service members goes back to the Korean War, no matter where you are, you should be able to have a Thanksgiving meal. 

“It’s hard being away from home during this time of the year, everyone wants to be home with the family and spend time but we are on duty and we have a job to do and we have to learn our job which is the most important thing,” Airman 1st Class Nathaniel Anderson said. 

Anderson says this year will be his first holiday away from home. However, Anderson  is grateful for the group of friends he has met at Goodfellow. 

“It’s comforting knowing that I can always have someone to talk to, anytime I'm going through anything I can just go to them and they’ll help me out just like family,” Anderson said. 

Col. Reilman changed his uniform for an apron while serving meals to service members. 

“I’m grateful for this leadership team, I’m grateful for the commanders that we have here to take care of these young women and men and really thankful for their service for their nation,” Col. Reilman said.  

Col. Reilman says he is grateful to serve meals for service members that are celebrating their first holiday away from home and make them a part of the 17th Training Wing family.