Gordon Ramsay likes the way the teams are competing on his new cooking show, The F Word. After all, he knows how hard it is to satisfy a hungry audience.

“Cooking live is hard, and there’s a reason why you don’t see much of it on TV and what we’ve done here tonight on The F Word is prove how successful these families can be cooking live. We go live, it’s over to them and we get the best out of them and takes 60 minutes to hell and back,” Ramsay said.

Helping the teams in the kitchen are two of Ramsay’s long-time sous chefs, Benjamin Kronick and Whitney Webster.

“We don’t get them for that long. We teach them once and show them the elements and then they are live and on. the idea is to get them in the environment, hectic and fast-paced.”

“These are home cooks, they’re not used to the speed or the restaurant environment. It’s very hectic. It’s very fast-paced. As soon as you cook four pork chops, there’s four right after that and four right after that, so you got to get your pans, hot and orders operations, ready and focused and stay calm.”

Ramsay’s biggest challenge this week will be cooking alongside Katy Perry and singing some of her songs.

“I love Katy Perry, and we go back a long way. She’s an amazing artist, hard-working girl with a big passion,” Ramsay said. “I’ll have to get my daughter’s playlist, something to do with ‘Bon Appetit.’ I love that.”