Region 15 coaches from around the area made their way to San Angelo today to find out which district they would be in for the 2018 season. Coaches waited in a room together until packets were handed out holding all the information they needed. Many of the coaches compared the event to Christmas Day. You open the paper packet and see who you're matching up with for the upcoming season. For Grape Creek's new head coach, Tanner Thiel, he's not only still trying to adjust to his new head coach title, but today, he experienced his first realignment event ever.

"A little nervous, had some sweat going" Thiel joked. "You know you see those videos of the stock market, people yelling and hollering and they got paper. It kind of reminded me of that. Without much experience its kinda hard to prepare. Our biggest concern was if they were going to send us West to New Mexico or were we going to go East? For us, it couldn't have worked out any better. We're in a bigger district but the travel has cut down a bit. I think it will be a competitive district. We will get to play some different teams. We will play some teams that were in our 'non-district' last year. They will now become district opponents. So, I think over all, it was a win-win scenario for us." Thiel expressed.

Grape Creek was originally 3A-D1. After the realignment they are now 3A-D2. They will be traveling more North to play Anson, Bangs, Cisco, Coleman and Merkel. Ballinger and TLCA will also be in that district.

Lake view was also impacted by the realignment. They were originally 5A. Now, they are 4A-D1. They'll be playing teams like Andrews, Big Spring and Seminole.