SAN ANGELO, TX — Mowing, trimming, edging.

"I was running an online business for quite a few years when I got out of the military"

Is what veteran Michael Dierker is doing now 13 years after serving in the u-s army

"I was having a lot of back issues, so it wasn't possible at the time,” said Dierker. “I ended up having surgery after that, got much better, and finally got to the point where I decided to make a change."

He sold his online business and cut a path into the world of lawn care.

"To be able to have the time to do lawns and actually be able to make a living at it just seemed very intriguing," he said.

Five days a week Michael and his team of two are cutting lawns across san Angelo.

"It really took a lot of experience to be able to do things time efficiently without damaging trees, weed eater, damaging fences you have to be respectful of people’s property," said Dierker.

But he says it doesn’t come without its challenges

"Well I got stung in the eye by a yellow jacket last Friday," he said.

Not to worry though, he's doing a lot better now. He says most days it’s not the insects that determine how much he enjoys his job.

"Depends on how hot it is, otherwise I look forward to it every day when I get up," he said.

And after 9 years of living in san Angelo

"The coolest thing about it is being able to meet the people around here," said Dierker.

He says he tries not to look too far into the future but with the amount of success he's been blessed with, his goal is to eventually have several crews running.

Clean Cut Lawn Care - Michael Dierker