Western Veterinary Hospital is a well-known clinic not only in San Angelo but across the country. Now it joins the ranks of very few clinics in the world. Our Senora Scott explains.

From the outside Western Veterinary Hospital may look like a typical vet clinic. But tucked away in a back room lies something so rare, it's only one of four in the world.

"This is the only one west of the Mississippi River,” veterinarian Dr. Gary Hodges said.

This CT scanner has only been at the western veterinary hospital for a few weeks. It's groundbreaking technology in the field of equine medicine.

"It will actually also do a 3D of the skull along with the different images of the soft tissue that's in the skull and on the outside of the skull,” Dr. Hodges said.

It takes 30 seconds to scan a horse's head or legs.

"We'll do a little over 450 shots of the skull within the 30 second time frame,” Dr. Hodges said.

The horse is standing the whole time...unlike the everyday CT scanners that resemble a tube.

“You're limited very muchly so on what you can put inside the gantry," Dr. Hodges said.

"I think it's very valuable because a lot of these things you can't see with plain radiographs,” Veterinarian Dr. Al Bueno said.

Some horses that could also benefit from this technology;

"I think it will be good for any performance horses and horses that have some issue with lameness or issues with their head, especially their teeth,” Dr. Bueno said.

The vets say they plan to start seeing patient's horses soon.