ABILENE, Texas — In Texas it is legal to carry a firearm, whether open or concealed.

One west Texas restaurant wants its customers to know that guns (when carried lawfully) are welcome on their premises by posting multiple signs are the establishment that read "The lawful carry of firearms is welcome on this premises".

"We put the first one up on a whim just because we like signage...
..and I had no idea the positive reaction we would get from the public" said Robert Graven, owner of Lucy’s Big Burger in Abilene.

Robert and his wife Amy has owned the diner for 7 years and  say the sign provides a sense of security- and starts up quite the conversation.

"If someone wants to do harm  .. They are going to think twice ..if they have any sense if they know there is firearms present" said Graven.

The owners tell Fox West Texas that most of their regulars often open carry while dining, and they encourage it.