September is right around the corner and in West Texas that means a couple of things. Football and dove season. Senora Scott explains how technology is giving hunters no excuse for breaking the rules.

In case you weren't aware there's a holiday coming up in Texas.

"Dove season starts September first,” Will Higgins with The Outdoorsman said.

And guess what, there's an app for that.

"If you can get one of those apps on your phone, it could save you from getting a ticket or getting in trouble with the land owner,” Higgins said.

Some apps will tell you where those property boundaries are, but they will cost you. Texas Parks and Wildlife takes it a step further with their app; and it's free. It's available in the App Store and Google Play. It has season dates, bag limits, information about public land, and more. When it comes to purchasing your license, sometimes doing it online is not the best route.

"It might be best to come in to one of the local stores to figure out what you need for the hunt. Last thing we want is people to get out there, not have taken the time to do their research on what they need and end up getting a citation,” Higgins said.

It's safe to say hunting has been around for a while but the practice of it has changed quite a bit. We've gone from making our own tools out of rocks to being able to access information and control devices on our smart phones, even way out here.

"It's pretty crazy to think we live in a day and age where if you want your dove to come into a certain spot you can turn on a certain number of decoys in a certain area and they'll come in that direction,” Higgins said.

However, there are a few things technology can't help you with.

"Snakes. There are snakes out everywhere right now,” Higgins said.

A warning to hunters, make sure you're always aware of your surroundings.