With Houston and much of South Texas underwater, many have had to find temporary homes. It's not only brought new faces to West Texas, but giving recovery a whole new meaning.

Hurricane Harvey is carrying the title as one of the worst hurricanes to his the Texas coast. It's caused the evacuation of thousands including one Houston based addiction and recovery center, Project Hope.

"We have 22 students that are hare, and we also have five staff members that are up here with me," said Project Hope Program Director, Jason Langley. "I had to relocate my family up here also."

Twenty-Seven men who have called Houston home have now been temporarily relocated to Brownwood. "The folks down at the marina (Wild Duck Marina) there by the lake helped us with a place to stay to hold our guys up for a few days," said Project Hope team leader, Matt Rose.

Their home like many in Houston is flooded, and at the moment uncertain of what Harvey has done to it. "We have cameras at our center, and were unable to logon," said Langley. "They're offline so we're assuming there's no power there. We got a picture of a gas station around the corner from it, and there was about four and a half to five feet of water in that gas station."

In the meantime they're not only looking to keep hope alive for their project, but for their home as well. "Everybody has been really helpful," said Rose. "They've definitely helped a lot with donations and buying some of our crafts to help support the program financially, and we even had offers from people making sure we had a place to stay."