TEXAS, USA — No one predicted a global pandemic to take over the world. But when a global crisis hit, healthcare workers and students stepped up to the plate.

Students across the country have been able to work and volunteer during this time to gain experience in the industry.

Texas Tech pharmacy student Eric Kennison said he has been working while going to school.

"I'm glad that I was hired during this time so I could work during all of this. It feels like my work is more crucial now," Kennison said.

Texas Tech nursing school graduate, Joe Gomez, began working at the beginning of the pandemic.

"When it first hit in Abilene, I was on the unit working side by side with a nurse which was intense," he said.

McKenzie Jones also started her career in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this hasn't been an easy time, she said helping others is what she loves the most about nursing. 

"This is what nursing is. Taking care of sick people when things are back, taking care of people at their worst. This is part of the reason I love what I do," Jones said.

Students who are studying in the industry are learning valuable skills volunteering during a pandemic.

"Someday what I'm in my career, looking back and knowing I was there helping during a pandemic as a first year pharmacy student, it will help me a lot," Tess Maxfield added.

Wherever you are in the world right now, stop what you're doing and thank a healthcare worker or student that you know. Their efforts and service is getting us through this time. 

Thank you, healthcare workers.