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Health trends and hydration hype

Alkaline drinkers claim to have seen firsthand health benefits

ABILENE, Texas — 2019 has been a year of health trends, whether people swore off carbs, or even put butter in their coffee there is no denying it.

A new health market has opened its doors in the big country and they are offering alkaline water, drinkers and believers claim they reap the help benefits from the high ph levels, and natural minerals.

Truth? Or another hydration hype?

According to the owners of blue jug Abilene, it has done wonders for their family.

They first dived in after trying to get hold of their daughters eczema.

“it was the last straw when they put her on an anxiety pill, shes only 10 years old” said Natalia, co owner of blue jug.

After doing her research she found that alkaline water was proven to add hydration back.

“we all were able to drink it i started cooking with it, it was just a great jump start for our family, even for myself.

 im a mother of 5 kids i got clarity of mind i got more energy and our little family was just thriving.” Said Natalia.

Natalia and her husband Stephen wanted to share their new found hope with the big country, by offering the high pH water at an affordable price for families.