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Abilene City Council proclaims this week 'Emergency Nurses Week'

After the stressful last year first responders endured, Abilene city officials saw fit to show them appreciation.

ABILENE, Texas — During Abilene's City Council meeting Thursday, City officials proclaimed the week of Oct. 10-16 as Emergency Nurses Week.

The responsibility of emergency room nurses is to address patient needs and perform emergency procedures in hospital ERs. They also assist doctors during procedures and monitor patients' vital signs to ensure they are able to handle different types of treatment.

Overall, their duty is to provide patients the best care possible no matter the circumstances. Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams says they have done all of that and more.

“Emergency nurses enrich our lives and the world we live in. We gather here to recognize the service, compassion and commitment emergency nurses and first responders have displayed every day,” Williams said.

Hendrick Medical Center nurses attended the proclamation and expressed their gratitude for not only the patients they care for, but also each other. 

One nurse, Lisa Opal, began her nursing career at Hendrick in February of last year. She said nothing could have prepared her for the sudden hit the pandemic had on healthcare workers but without the help of her team, she wouldn’t be where she is today. 

“I look at my co-workers and see superheroes without capes and I applaud them too. All that they’ve been through and persevered through is extremely commendable,” she said.

Michele Simmons, Hendrick Medical Center North ER nurse manager, took a trip down memory lane. She remembered how the medical field was so different almost 40 years ago when she began. Now the advancements and technology has taken healthcare to the next level. 

“So I’m old school and that’s sometimes the hardest thing. These healthcare workers now-a-days can multitask so well and have so much access to different resources. While it’s not always easy for me to understand all of the new gadgets and technology, it is all such a great addition and helps us do our jobs that much better,” Simmons shared. 

Even when this week ends, Abilene officials want the community to always show appreciation and gratitude towards our healthcare workers and first responders. They risk their lives for us every day so a thank you is the least we can do.