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Angelo State University students, staff had a special guest join them on the first day of classes

Texas Sen. John Cornyn paid a visit to ASU to greet students and discuss the CARES act.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The first day of class for Angelo State University did not have the same feeling as previous first days, because everyone is still practicing social distancing and every student is wearing a mask.

However, Monday brought a surprise to the students. Texas Sen. John Cornyn was walking the campus, and even interrupted a lecture.

Cornyn was on campus to talk about the CARES Act, a federal coronavirus response that has helped students with tuition and has also helped San Angelo with providing funds to the local government and school district.

"Really glad to be returning to school and resuming their education," Cornyn said. "I know the lockdowns and mitigation efforts that we have all participated in were necessary for awhile, but after awhile you get a little stir crazy."

The CARES Act has distributed $35 million to San Angelo. Some of the notable entities receiving these funds include the City receiving $6,556,000; San Angelo Independent School District receiving $2,848,284; and ASU receiving $6,829,574.

More than two thousand students have already received aid because of the act and the funds helped build a health screening app, purchased masks, cleaning equipment, sanitizer, thermometers and procured educational equipment to transition to virtual learning.

"Those are exactly the kinds of things that we all need to do," Cornyn said. "So we can take that personal responsibility and make things make things better."

Since the start of the pandemic everything has been a challenge, but Cornyn wants to continue to help the people of San Angelo.

"We now know that people still need some help," Cornyn said. "I still remain hopeful that we will get our act together and we will pass additional aid for all of the various people who have been affected."

Cornyn hopes they can get another deal done quickly to continue to help everyone in Texas.