TOM GREEN COUNTY, Texas — The City of San Angelo has reported the sixth confirmed case of COVID-19 in Tom Green County.

The latest case is a woman in her 20s who came into contact with a confirmed positive travel-related case.

COVID-19 tests done in San Angelo (as of 2 p.m. March 30):

  • 367 total
  • 161 pending
  • 200 negative
  • 6 positive

Case 1: Male in his 70s who traveled

Case 2: Male in his 20s who came into contact with a positive case within the state

Case 3: Female in her 30s who had no known contact with a positive case, categorized as a case of community spread

Case 4: Male in his 30s, close family member of case 3

Case 5: Young boy, close family member of case 3

Case 6: Female in her 20s who came into contact with a confirmed positive travel-related case

Regarding reporting of these cases, the City of San Angelo released the following statement:

"As with any notifiable condition, to include COVID-19, once a positive result is reported to the health department, the department contacts the individual to start a contact investigation. The investigation includes the question of who the positive case was in contact with prior to the lab results being received. Once all contacts are determined, to include phone numbers, the health department begins calling all identified contacts. The health department’s goal is to contact everyone on the patient’s contact list as soon as possible. 

As in all medical situations, the person’s affected by this virus have protections under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Therefore, to remain compliant with those provisions, we will only be releasing the information necessary to protect our public."

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Update from Fort Concho:

Effective 5 p.m. Monday, March 30, the fort’s Visitor Center at Barracks 1, 630 South Oakes Street, will be closed to the public and remain closed until future conditions improve to allow its safe operations for both guests and staff. The site’s tour and display buildings will also remain closed, but the site grounds will be open for walking. Site maps briefly outlining the fort’s history will be available on the Barracks 1 porch outside the entrance doors.

“Guest traffic has declined to nothing due to local and state restrictions on travel and related tourism/guest services,” Site Manager Bob Bluthardt said.

The fort’s 10-acre parade ground provides a lush, open space for walking and general exercise. As long as the City operates, staff will be working onsite with someone inside the Barracks 1 offices to handle any special issues. Calling ahead at 325-481-2646 is recommended to ensure staff assistance on site.

All fort events and rentals for April have been canceled or postponed to later dates. Frontier Day will move to Saturday, June 6. The Cowboy Way Jubilee will move to the extended July 23-26 weekend. Future changes and adjustments to the fort’s schedule or events, programs and services will appear on the fort’s website at and Facebook page.

“While we are closed to the public our mules will be fed, site buildings and grounds will be checked, and ongoing maintenance and repair projects will continue,” Bluthardt said. “The fort has been here 153 years and it will be ready for guests when our current crisis passes.”