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Teachers missing students due to virus, have a parade

Congaree Elementary school teachers called it the "Wednesday Wave."

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Many South Carolina teachers and students haven't seen each other for weeks now due to the coronavirus and the Governor McMaster's order to close schools until the end of April. 

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Teachers at Congaree Elementary School were really missing their students 

So, they came up with a plan.

They called it the "Wednesday Wave." 

Credit: Congaree Elementary
Congaree Elementary teacher Ashley Caulder gets ready to head out in the parade of cars

It was a way the teachers could let the students know how much they were missing them.  

Roughly two dozen cars painted with signs that proclaimed, "We Miss You" and "Congaree Proud" pulled out of the school's parking lot with a South Congaree police car as a guide. The cars then weaved their way through the school's neighborhoods.

Credit: Congaree Elementary
A family waves from their driveway as the parade of Congaree Elementary educators passes through their neighborhood.

Children and families stood in driveways and on porches and waved right back. Some even made signs for the teachers. 

“We needed this,” Principal Chris Dickey said. “I think this parade was a way to keep us all connected. It shows that even though we’re not in the building, we’re still together.”

Credit: Congaree Elementary
Carolyn Lowman, Tori Thackston and Bethany Bastedo get ready to head out from the school.