TOM GREEN COUNTY, Texas — The City of San Angelo's Public Information Office has released Tuesday's COVID-19 report. Three additional cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Tom Green County, bringing the total to nine.

According to the release, the seventh case is a preteen female. She and her household have been self-isolating since March 24.

The eighth case is a man in his 50s, who is from out-of-town and here for work purposes. He is currently hospitalized in San Angelo.

The ninth case is a man in his 70s, currently hospitalized in San Angelo.

Previous cases reported are:

Case 1: Male in his 70s who traveled.

Case 2: Male in his 20s who came into contact with a positive case within the state.

Case 3: Female in her 30s who had no known contact with a positive case, categorized as a case of community spread.

Case 4: Male in his 30s, close family member of case 3.

Case 5: Young boy, close family member of case 3.

Case 6: Female in her 20s who came into contact with a confirmed positive travel-related case.

Regarding reporting of these cases, the City of San Angelo released the following statement:

"As with any notifiable condition, to include COVID-19, once a positive result is reported to the health department, the department contacts the individual to start a contact investigation. The investigation includes the question of who the positive case was in contact with prior to the lab results being received. Once all contacts are determined, to include phone numbers, the health department begins calling all identified contacts. The health department’s goal is to contact everyone on the patient’s contact list as soon as possible. 

As in all medical situations, the person’s affected by this virus have protections under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Therefore, to remain compliant with those provisions, we will only be releasing the information necessary to protect our public."

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