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Expert discusses signs of depression and anxiety

Changes in sleep habits and appetite, losing interest in activities and an increase in guilt can all be signs of depression.

MIDLAND, Texas — Depression and anxiety are something that can sneak up on you, and there are some signs and symptoms you should look out for.

"We talk about sleep, interest in doing activities or things they would normally enjoy or find pleasure in, whether they're having excessive guilt, whether they're having decreased energy, or difficulty with concentration, or any change in appetite," said Dr. Scott Washburn with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Depression can look different for certain people.

"Sometimes it will be with things that most people think is fairly classic, just feeling very sad, but more common in teenagers as well as in men, there might be an amount of aggression that comes with depression," said Washburn.

If you notice that these things apply to you or someone close to you, reach out.

"Anybody who is having problems with sleep, or exercise, or diet, to seek counseling, to talk with friends or family, to talk with a doctor, and sometimes we're able to help," said Washburn.

Changing your lifestyle can also help improve your mood. This could be increasing how much you exercise, eating healthier and having good sleep hygiene.

However, sometimes therapy and medication may be the solution.

"People like to start either with some counseling, or with medicine, or with both, and it is true that commonly it goes together," said Washburn.

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