SAN ANGELO, Texas — Growing up poses its challenges for everyone, and for children between the ages of 6-17, those challenges could involve a mental health disorder.

Growing up during the COVID-19 pandemic can make it more of a challenge for children to understand what is going on and to stick to a daily routine.

"I would certainly think it can exacerbate it again, there's some people that young might not have a very good understanding of what's going on," Angelo State University Director of Counseling Mark Rehm said.

Rehm, a father of two children similar in age, knows how much this can mess with a child's mental health, and the feeling of being stuck inside a home all day, which can do more harm than good.

"It can be draining, emotional toll on people. So I would just encourage people to seek out many sources of activities," Rehm said.

He encourages families to go outside with their children so they can burn of their energy, and to take up new hobbies to always keeps the mind active.

"Exercise, getting vitamin D through sunlight. I mean, these are all healthy things that we all normally can do," Rehm said. "It's really just finding some new ways to enjoy life, which could be reading or new hobbies."

Despite living during a time where the world is slowly returning back to normal Rehm notes he and other families are taking this time to spend more time with their children and be there for them.

"The great things about this is that more people have got to spend time with family, which is huge, and so find some creative things to do together," Rehm said.

Rehm does encourage if your child is struggling to seek medical help immediately.

If you or a loved needs help, you can call the Texas Youth Helpline at 800-989-6884 or via text to 512-872-577.