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The City of San Angelo uses many tools to ensure the safety of water consumption

San Angelo filters and cleans the water to ensure no amoebas or other organisms can harm the community.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Lake Nasworthy has always been a community favorite for the San Angelo, but for other people who travel to see the lake. 

However, Lake Nasworthy is also one of the cities sources of water, and the water department do everything they can to keep it clean. 

"Our water treatment plant has filters," San Angelo Plant Operations Manger Tymn Combest said. "All of our water goes through filters and those filters are designed to remove particles way smaller than the amoeba." 

The amoeba, Combest is talking about is the same amoeba that killed a six-year-old boy in Lake Jackson, Texas. 

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality the amoeba is called Naegleria Fowleri. 

The amoeba can be found in soil, warm lakes, rivers, and hot springs. 

It can also be found in poorly maintained or unchlorinated pools and in warm water discharge from industrial plants. 

Combest explains how they combat this problem to ensure no amoebas are in the cities water. 

"We also have a daily flushing program where we send people around town every day to flush every single water main," Combest said. "I've noticed like Jackson they were initiating a bunch of flushing trying to get the what they call dead water out of the system."

Combest did ensure there are no amoebas in the waters of San Angelo. 

However, if someone does feel unsafe he does encourage them to reach out to their office for information.

"The main thing is that we daily monitor the chlorine and bacteria levels throughout the city every day," Combest said.  "If we ever find anything that is a concern we always immediately notify the public so everyone can feel pretty safe."

Him and his team will continue to monitor, inform and protect the waters of San Angelo.