A group from West Texas is headed south to help those in need. Our Senora Scott spoke with them.

"We're headed down here to just get these people out,” Ballinger native and relief team leader Russell Byler said.

People from all across the lone star state and nation are headed to South Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey a helping hand

“We're headed to drop off trailers and then we're going to let the boats off into the water and start rescuing people,” Byler said.

That includes some of our very own.

And how many people do you have with you?
“We have probably 16 people with us,” Byler said.

Groups from Rowena, Ballinger, Stamford, and San Angelo have already made several stops to drop off much needed supplies.

"It's hard to explain. The looks on their faces is priceless. They're scare but in the same sense they're happy that the water is finally receding in some places,” Byler said.

When I spoke with Byler, the group was near cypress. They'd stopped at a church there to unload supplies that would be taken further in to Houston since several roads are now closed to the public or flooded.

"We've got 3 boats and just trying to get as many people out as we can,” Byler

Now the rescues begin. Despite the dangers, this team from West Texas is responding to the need, and let's just say the call came in from a special line.

"And I know the Good Lord is going to protect us. He's the reason we're down here, He's the one who gave me this mindset to get down here and help people,” Byler said.