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Hendrick CEO expresses concerns about COVID-19 and Flu

According to Brad Holland, 4%-6% of active COVID-19 cases lead to hospitalization.
Credit: Hendrick Health

ABILENE, Texas — According to the City of Abilene, there are currently 500+ active COVID-19 cases, and 58 COVID-19 related deaths to report for Taylor County.

Hendrick Health Systems, CEO,  Brad Holland says it is important to recognize the beginning of Flu seasons and the concerns with COVID-19 combined.

"What we are seeing is we are right on the brink of seeing a slight increase in hospitalizations," said Holland.

According to Holland, Hendrick is seeing an 8.6 positivity rate for COVID-19, 19 patients are currently admitted, with 7 in the ICU and half of those patients on ventilators.

"You have about a 2% chance of passing if you are admitted to hospital with the Flu, but you have an 8.8% of passing if admitted to hospital with COVID-19 that's almost a 4x difference," says Holland.

Holland is encouraging the community to get their Flu shot and continue to practice social distancing and wearing face masks.

"If you get your shot you will have less chance of being admitted to the hospital, which would increase hospitalizations," claims Holland.

According to Holland as the economy begins to re-open Hendrick will continue to restrict visitation for the safety of their staff and patients.