SAN ANGELO, TX — "We accept anybody who has served at least one day it doesn’t matter what kind of discharge," said Jennifer Jensen, outreach coordinator.

West Texas Counseling and Guidance doesn't stereotype or discriminate, but Jensen says a dishonorable discharge will affect a veteran when they leave the military.

"They don't qualify for any of the normal veteran benefits," said Jensen.

And by normal, Jensen means mostly medical.

"We can't really help out in the VA realm because dishonorable discharge is not entitled to veteran benefits through the VA," said Jensen

However, they still offer counseling and peer support to anyone who walks through their doors.

“PTSD, anxiety, depression and there's a whole long list of all the services that we have for that," she said.

And even if a parent is dishonorably discharged, their children are still eligible for play therapy as well as counseling.