Icon Cinema in San Angelo will soon serve beer and wine.

"This is a concept we've been thinking of since we've opened," Francisco Ramirez, general manager, said.

Ramirez says there will be a limit of two drinks.

"We're actually going to have a system set up to where anytime you come and purchase an alcoholic beverage we're going to swipe the IDs," he said.

Swiping the customer's ID will track how many drinks they are purchasing.

Some movie goers are against the move and would like to keep it a G-rated experience.

"It's not right to be serving alcohol to adults that are bringing their kids to the movies," Stephen Sampson, a San Angelo resident, said.

There will be security guard on the premises and a zero tolerance against underage and illegal drinking.

Meanwhile Ramirez hopes residents will keep an open mind to the new service.

"We're just keeping up with the trend you know," he said. "I think it's really going to bring us new business and I think San Angelo is really going to love it when they try it."