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Illness extends Christoval holiday break

A raise in influenza and other illnesses is giving Christoval students an extended break.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Words student love to hear are "extended holiday," but what students don't want to hear is that their break is because of a rise of influenza and other illnesses.

That is what happened at Christoval Independent School District Monday. Christoval ISD Superintendent David Walker walked to the school and saw five students walk out.

Walker said the biggest shock was the number of students who had already left for the day.

"At the high school, they had about 55 kids and then 20 at the elementary and then there were more checking out as the day went by," Walker said.

Being that the town of Christoval is as small as it is with roughly 160 students total from kindergarten through 12th grade, Walker knew his students, faculty and staff needed to rest.

The course of action the superintendent is taking moving forward is a deep cleaning of the entire school.

"Well originally it was set for this weekend so now that school will be out on Wednesday if our crews can start earlier we will go ahead and do that," Walker said.

Schools doors will close Feb. 12 and reopen on Feb. 18. Walker said the extended break is needed.

"It will help break the cycle and help keep our community and kids healthy,"  Walker said.

Walker encourages everyone to rest up and take care of their health, and if you are feeling sick, head to a doctor as soon as possible.