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Alleged Denver, Lakewood killer wrote novels that contained scenes similar to Monday's rampage

Lyndon McLeod self-published a series of books filled with hatred and violence.

DENVER — Lyndon McLeod, the man who police say shot and killed five people on Monday in Denver and Lakewood, self-published a trilogy of dystopian, misogynistic, violence-laden fantasy books two years ago, sources confirm to 9Wants to Know.

The first two books were published in 2019, and the third in 2020.  The plot of the second book bears a striking and frightening resemblance to Monday’s deadly real-life attack.

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Writing under the pen name Roman McClay, McLeod titled the trilogy “Sanction.” In “Sanction Book 2,” the main character, named Lyndon, bursts into a tattoo shop on Sixth Avenue heavily armed and wearing body armor.  

“Within 2.3 seconds, he trained the muzzle on the girl - her head and throat - as she cowered on the bed and screamed. He shot her twice,” McLeod wrote.

And then: “If she had been quiet he might not have shot her so quickly; but women are noisy - like kids - and for that they must pay a price.”

On Monday, three of the five people McLeod allegedly killed were shot inside tattoo shops. According to Denver police, at one point during his hour-long rampage, McLeod entered a building on Sixth Avenue, chased the occupants and fired shots. No one was injured at that location.

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In “Sanction Book 1,” McLeod kills a man named Michael Swinyard in an apartment on Williams Street on the border of Cheesman Park. In fact, McLeod is now accused of shooting to death 67 year-old Michael Swinyard in Swinyard’s Williams Street apartment, which overlooks Cheesman Park.

McLeod named his publishing company Flat Black Ink. The books are available on Amazon, and there is an accompanying website with a blog and reviews.  

At one point in “Sanction Book 2,” Lyndon meets Theodore Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber, in prison.

“If there is no Unabomber there is no me,” Lyndon tells Kaczynski in the book.  “We seek the same thing but from opposite ends of the extreme.” 

McLeod will not get the chance to act out that disturbing scene.  A Lakewood police officer shot and killed him near the Belmar shopping center, putting an end to a horrifying night of violence that was, literally and tragically, the stuff of fiction.

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