It's a popular app but it's raising some concerns with its new location feature. You have to be on each other's friends list to see that location but do you know who you're becoming "friends" with? Our Senora Scott breaks it down.

“People in their friends list can see where they are,” Officer Tracy Gonzalez with the San Angelo Police Department said.

Snap Chat is just one app that allows people to see your location in real time. It could be a good thing but, when it comes to kids using the app, there are some red flags.

"Often times they're friending people they've never met in real life. So if you've never met somebody they're not your friend,” Officer Gonzalez said.

The fact is, these apps and technology aren't going anywhere, but talking to your kids can help.

"Be mindful of their age but really sit down with them and share with them the privacy and safety concerns and if they're going to be using this technology, teach them to use it safely,” Officer Gonzalez said.

There is a way to put your location on "ghost" mode where no one can see where you are.