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The City of Abilene donates 3.59 acres of land to Taylor County Jail

The land is set aside for future plans of possible expansion

ABILENE, Texas — The Abilene City Council approved the item to donate 3.49 acres of land owned by the city to the Taylor County Jail.

The land is located adjacent to the jail and was currently not in use.

The County Commissioners said that obtaining the land was the first step but building on it won’t be an easy task if there is future talks about expansion.

According to Taylor County Commissioner Chuck Statler, the jail has reached female capacity forcing them to house in surrounding counties.

"we have inter local agreements with 8 other counties to house our inmates .. Today that number is 49 that our houses in other county jails" said Statler.

According to the Commissioner this quarter the number of female inmates has decreased by 30% but they will continue to monitor intake weekly to determine future expansion plans.

"in the future if we do plan to expand we will have the land ready for us.. But how however this land is in a flood plain it would take 'a lot' of work for us to get to do it." said Statler.