ABILENE, Texas — Following the Disaster Declaration on March 13th, Gov. Abbott suspended all visitation within Texas jails.

Sgt. Cliff Griffin with the Taylor County Jail says their center is following the orders that have been passed down from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, which will no longer allow the public into the jail to visit those who are incarcerated.

"All of the precautions are put in place to keep the general public safe, the inmates as well as officers," said Griffin.

Griffin also says they have precautions in place in case they would need to quarantine any inmates.

"If someone started showing symptoms during a screening or we got the idea this person needed to be isolated for the safety of the facility we would put them in a single cell away from other inmates," said Griffin.

Brandon Woods the Executive Director for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards said Texas County Jails house, 66,000 inmates, daily on average

According to the TCJS, attorneys will not be restricted from visitation.