Jake Owen had the beach vibe going at his Nashville fan club party, just like he does on the road – tiki bar and all!

“We have tiki bars. I always just remember being a fan of music shows and going to concerts and if it looked the people on stage were having a good time, it seemed like we all had a good time.”

The Florida native embraces this side of his music in the summer.

“Being from Florida, summertime was all the time for me, and I kind-of relate to that. So when my music relates to people, especially during the busy months of our careers, in the summertime, it helps me out for sure.”

His new video, “Good Company,” gives a look at what vacation time is like with this group.

“That is a place called Grand Cay Bahama, where we shot the video. It’s about 45 minutes, a little puddle-jumper flight from my hometown in Vero Beach, Florida over there and so, we went over on a couple days. We went fishing, we just took a camera with us, but we really did what we do – we went fishing, we kind-of go for some lobster and had a really good time and filmed it.”

And while he enjoys having a good time, he knows how important it is to give back. He even stated the Jake Owen Foundation 10 years ago, at the very start of his career.

“I was raised by a family – a mom, a dad, a grandfather, a grandmother – that really instilled core values in me as a kid and to always appreciate the things I have in life and be able to give back. That’s what this whole world is built upon is us helping one another and being at that point in my career already, at a young age, I was already able to start giving back and it’s really fulfilling to look back after all these years and know what we’ve done – and then this year, I’ve teamed up with the Cal Ripken Foundation, they’re building a baseball park in our hometown for all of the kids there. And it’s really fulfilling to know that.”

Find Owen on tour with the tunes of his latest album, American Love.