A dog’s death stirring lots of controversy in our community and on-line.
That dog’s name is Misty.

"It's hurtful to see some of the social media outcry” City Official James Flores said.

On Saturday, June 3rd Misty escaped her owner’s home. The rat terrier-Pitbull mix was hit by a car and needed medical attention. An animal control officer says her condition was alarming and deemed it humane to euthanize.

"Unfortunately is awful which is euthanizing an animal we don't take joy in that we don't take pride in that" Flores said.

James Flores, who oversees animal control, says before Misty was euthanized she was checked for a microchip. The animal was scanned but searching for the owner was unsuccessful so a decision had to be made.
"The more important thing is you got to proactively update the information on these chips or else they do us no good” Flores said.

Turns out, Misty wasn’t registered properly.
Before being euthanized, her photo was also uploaded on helpmegethome.com a website run by the Concho Valley Paws which helps pets get back home.
Concho Valley Paws gave this response
“Misty's death is a painful reminder of the importance of making sure your pets are protected in an enclosed yard with locked or inside the home, are collared and tagged and that microchip registration information is current.”

"I can't change what happen I can only hope and pray that we do come together as a shelter with the supposed local rescues and find a solution” Flores said.

We also reached out to Misty’s owner to get their side of the story.
However, they weren’t available by news time but we do plan to talk to them and hear what they have to say.
In Misty’s memory, Paws will offer free engraved tags at its adoption event on Saturday.
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