It's Senora Scott's fourth year to catch up with a group of middle school students from Corsicana, Texas who are leading the way in innovation for agriculture with their ag mechanics projects.

A group of 8th graders from Corsicana thought the future of agriculture looked a little fishy. So, they decided to look outside the bowl and use those fish to find the answer.

"You never thought water could be so cool."

Once you hear the presentation of this aquaponics project from Peyton Brown, Christian Eastman, Zane Petty, Will McSpadden, and Bradley Gruver, you'll think water is pretty cool too.

"And if you were wondering what aquaponics was, it's just a mixture between aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics being a method of growing plants without using soil and aquaculture, with our fish and our plants, they're both benefiting off each other."

"The fish waste acts as a fertilizer for the plants and then in return for that the plants they help release nutrients into the water that are good for the fish and they help keep the water clean for the fish so they kind of help each other with a balanced ecosystem."

These guys spent a lot of time on this project.

"624 working hours."

But they kind of thought their leader Larry Acock was crazy when he first told them about it. However, once they started building it...they were hooked.

"You can grow up to 6 times as fast with aquaponics and you're growing herbs and vegetables also raising fish."

With multiple food sources developing at the same time, you're doubling your yield and your income. Speaking of money, this group isn't federally funded so they have to raise it all themselves. It's a pretty penny.


But it's all going toward keeping agriculture afloat. They say as more farm and ranch land is being developed, it's something we need to think about now because it's hard to raise cattle and crops on concrete.