The Texas Department of Public Safety is encouraging Concho Valley residents to keep their Amber Alert notifications on.

"We have seen success with these programs and that's obviously why they are still implemented," said Staff Sergeant Justin Baker with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Amber Alerts, which stand s for "America's Missing:Broadcast Emergency Response" have been around for 32 years. The program started in Arlington, Texas when local police teamed up to find nine-year-old Amber Hagerman.

According to the Amber Alert website, over 897 children have been found. Ssgt. Baker said before any alert is sent out, it has to be confirmed by authorities.

"They got to do a check and make sure this is an actual missing child, " Ssgt. Baker said. "This is a child that has been abducted and there is a risk that's associated with it versus a child that just didn't want to come home or who was staying out late with a friend." Ssgt. Baker said.

According to Texas DPS, there are four types of alerts:

- Amber Alert - Missing child 17 years or younger

- Blue Alert - A law enforcement officer must have been killed or seriously injured by an offender.

-Endangered Missing Persons Alert- Adults over 17 years of age

-Silver Alert - Missing person 65 years or older. They usually have dementia or Alzheimer's Disease

"Those are the ones that typically may not be able to help themselves out of a situation that has been presented to them." Ssgt. Baker said.

In 2016 alone, Texas DPS received 32 requests for Amber Alerts, but only 13 were sent out.

You don't want to be crying wolf and putting out false alerts because after a while, people will start to turn that system off, " Ssgt. Baker said

Sergeant Baker added to always keep your alerts on because you can be of help.

"What if its not in your area...well do you know someone in that area and if you do, call them. Ssgt. Baker said. "Hey did you get that Amber Alert? Are you aware of this, be on the lookout." Ssgt. Baker said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has named January 13th Amber Alert Awareness Day. It is a day where Texas DPS comes together to give new information.