A little bit of kindness can make all the difference in the world.
Now many students are promoting kindness through the use of a bracelet.

A big day for Belaire Elementary students as they begin their first day of school and learn the true meaning of kindness.

Belaire Elementary Teacher Mary Shelton said "did you do something kind today?"

According to “Youth Ambassadors 4 Kids Club”: 77 percent of students are bullied each year either verbally, physically, or mentally.
Belaire Principal Lindsay Carr doesn’t want her kids to be a part of that percentage this year.

"We pride ourselves in handling those bullying incidents once they occur what we also pride ourselves is preventing them before they even happen”, Carr said.

Therefore a kindness theme has rolled in with SAISD’s district initiatives to further prevent bullying.

"One of the mottos is when you have the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind,” Carr said.

Belaire Elementary student reads the following "people can change the way they see”.

This year the school will incorporate the book “we’re all wonders” by R.J Palacio as well handing out wristband bracelets to promote the school motto and launch The Kindness Revolution.

"The list is endless I’ve seen students holding the door open for elderly people, I had the door open for me, it can be as simple as someone opening someone else's glue for them”,Carr said.

"We’re going to be kind this year, yes we are”, Shelton said.

And actions are speaking louder than words.

Belaire Elementary student Troy Gonzalez said "When you be nice and you do stuff for people you get a bracelet like this".

Belaire Elementary student Elizabeth Williams said "it's nice to be kind".

Bellaire elementary staff hopes this revolution reaches other schools of all grades as well as the entire San Angelo community.

"We always want to be kind to each other because that's a very special character that we all should have not just first graders but adults as well and so it needs to start here in the classroom”, Shelton said.