SAN ANTONIO — The "King of Country Music" now has a mural in San Antonio fit for a king. 

The "king size" mural of Texas icon George Strait was recently added to the myriad of colorful walls along the St. Mary's Strip.

The artist, Matt Tumlinson, shared an image of his mural to Instagram, saying he "had an awesome time painting on the home turf!"

In another Instagram post of the mural, SA Street Art Initiative hinted that George Strait himself had driven past the mural located at the intersection of Ashby and McCullough streets, according to the "word on the street."

"Come on Back Your majesty, we need a picture of you and the artist!" the post continues.

Tumlinson painted the mural during this past weekend's "2@M: Murals & Music @ Midtown" event hosted by SASAI. The event was another phase in the group's mission "to establish a city where street art is abundant and accessible for all residents and visitors to enjoy."