For thousands this weekend in Las Vegas it was all about enjoying some of the best in country music. A nice getaway it was for San Angelo's own Mark and Sherrell Bethune until shooting began across at the Route 91 Harvest Festival killing 59 people while injuring over 500.

"Last night a gunman opened fired in a large crowd," said President Donald Trump. "It was an act of pure evil."

Mark and his wife who were still in Las Vegas this morning spoke with us about escaping the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

"I was extremely concerned about walking-running down that alley way," Bethune told KIDY FOX. "I didn't know if people were trying to push us towards a bomb or some other shooter. We jumped the fence so that we were no longer in that alley way. "

The San Angelo couple was roughly 50 yards away from the stage when the shots went off. Looking back Mark and Sherrell can now do more than remember this tragedy.

"From the videos we know that we were right there," said Bethune. "We know the images are grainy, but we know that's us right there running."

Meanwhile Bethune's message following this tragedy. "Just be aware of your surroundings, and tell your family that you love them."