Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is proposing raises for teachers in Texas, and backing up the state governor.

As lawmakers head into the legislature's special session Patrick wanted to make a point.

"I want to emphasize this is a serious plan which is different from what the speaker laid out during the regular session," Patrick said.

Under Patrick's plan, teachers would receive a raise in the form of bonuses.

Teachers with six to 10 years of teaching would receive: $600.

Teachers with 11 plus years: $1,000.

Retired teachers with 20 plus years: $600 a year plus an extra $100 a year until they reach a cap of $1,000.

While also adding $200 million to the Teacher Retirement System.

Meanwhile, Fox New First's JJ Maldonado met with Jeff Bright, San Angelo ISD's superintendent of business support services, who says there would be obstacles under this proposal.

"First it's the textbook definition of an unfunded mandate, where the state issues an order for us to follow and then does not follow up with the funding," Dr. Jeff Bright said.

Patrick has also proposed redistributing lottery funds for the raises.

"The lottery money is already dedicated to public education, it's already in there, so this is not new money," Bright said.

Also included in the proposal, reallocating 5 percent of the school's budget to pay for raises.

"The pie is basically so big, you'd have to cut somewhere to move it to another location," Bright said. "So some things would have to be given up, we would have to go in and see what's the priority for us and move the money."

The Texas legislative special session begins July 18.