Insurance for around 10 dollars a month sounds too good to be true. That's what some San Angelo homeowners are asking. Our Senora Scott found out if those letters they got were the real deal.

San Angelo residents are receiving letters signed by Bob Salas but, he's not the one sending them out, it's actually a letter of endorsement.

Bottom line, it's not a scam. The company offers insurance for a few dollars a month. These policies cover a homeowner’s sewer and water lines. The city isn't the one providing the insurance but they do endorse the company. Sending out the letters doesn't cost the city a dime but they do get royalties if a San Angelo resident gets insurance through that company. The money goes to support low income families through the city's emergency repair program.

"For example a water line break. If they can't afford it, we'll be able to help them. Electrical problems, gas leaks, those kinds of things,” Bob Salas, Director of Neighborhood and Family Services for the City of San Angelo said.

If you receive the letter and don't want to participate, that's just fine. There's no obligation.