ABILENE, TX. — Despite all the difficulties Ciara and her family have faced, they can always count on the support of the community, especially Ciara’s teacher, Laurie Velasquez.

Mrs. Velasquez is a third-grade math teacher at Ward Elementary.

She has been teaching at Ward for about eight years impacting the lives of many, especially Ciara.

"So, we have something called, wish you well Wednesday’s and thankful Thursday’s,” says Mrs. Velasquez.

Introducing Ciara’s situation to the class.

“This class on their own chose Ciara to show her that we're thankful for her fighting spirit and her joyful attitude while she’s going through something so difficult,” says Mrs. Velasquez.

Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

The Husing’s nominated her for, ‘life changer of the year.’ It is a national title given to people who do just that.

They assisted the recognition from the Abilene Independent School District for her nomination, Monday night.

The deadline to support Mrs. Velasquez’s nomination is December 31st. You can find out more at, https://bit.ly/2EdClrM.