Deep in the hills of Junction, Texas sits an old school accented in gold and black. The pride for those colors go far beyond the walls of Junction High. In West Texas, football is life. In this town, no one represents the spirit of the Junction Eagles more than the JHS Cheer team... And success follows them off of the football field. The cheerleaders are three-time State Champions. and they've worked hard to get those victories. But this years victory was more than getting another trophy for the case. It was their teammate, dear friend, family member and fellow classmate of JHS. Lexi Cardwell was struck and kill by a car north of Junction in March of 2017. A tragedy that rocker her team, school and community. Despite the loss, Lexi is always with her team. The squad of just 10 people still puts 11 on their roster. It's her number in athletics and meaningful to the team. They also keep her megaphone close by at all times. Before every competition the team prayed that Lexi was by their side... and the team has no doubt that their angel helped them get their third State Title on the mat this year. Her memory will always live on and the community of Junction Texas will continue to "Live Like Lexi".

-Keni Mac