Governor Greg Abbott has asked the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) to declare Tom Green County a disaster area following the severe storms that impacted the area the weekend of June 23 through June 26, according to the Office of the Texas Governor.

The loans provided by the SBA would help local operations and residents affected by the severe weather rebuild their homes and businesses.

On the evening of June 23 Dana Calhoun walked into her store, Grigsbys Boutique, to find it destroyed by severe weather.

"It came to about, between $600,000 to $700,000 in damages," Calhoun said.

The rain had washed away the ceiling, and water flooded the store.

"Probably the biggest loss was clothing, just because either the way it was situated in the store wherever most of the rain was coming [from]," she said.

Calhoun says she has received an overwhelming support from the community.

"I think the emotional part has been the people helping, just praying for us and physically being there for us without really saying anything," she said.

According to Calhoun insurance will help cover the cost of purchasing new clothing that was damaged.

Meanwhile the store owner is rebuilding her store from the ground up.

"I have a really great customer following and so we've set up little pop-up shops around town and done little mini versions of Grigsbys at different places, like today it's at my house and Saturday it will be at my house," she said.