ABILENE, TX — A voyage to provide an Abilene man with his dying wish started on social media and has taken off. Marvin Don Chaney said he’s been given weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer.

His one request was Cherry 7UP. An Abilene United Supermarket manager on South 14th Street went out of his way to get the soda in Dallas because none was available in the Abilene area. Chaney’s family expressed their gratitude to the manager and everyone involved in making this happen.

7UP helped an Abilene man.
7UP helped an Abilene man.
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Now, 7UP agreed to sweeten the deal. Chaney said the company told him they will send him soda every week for the remainder of his days. One case of 7UP went a long way for Chaney.

“I didn’t expect it. I know there’s good people out there but a lot of times you don’t know it ‘til you see it. So we’ve seen it now. Just humbling, you know,” Chaney said.

Chaney’s sister said he was a volunteer firefighter and has helped others his whole life. She is glad to see people come together to help him.