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Abilene PD names Officer Matt Armbruster as Patrol Officer of the Quarter

Armbruster is a SWAT operator and Bomb Unit member for the Abilene PD. He previously served on the Lubbock PD.
Credit: Abilene Police Department

ABILENE, Texas — The Abilene Police Department and Patrol Division announced Officer Matt Armbruster as the department's Patrol Officer of the Quarter. His award finalizes the recipients for the year, according to a press release from the APD.

Armbruster was hired from the Lubbock Police Department in 2016 through APD's lateral officer program. He is currently an APD SWAT operator and a member of the Bomb Unit. In his primary role, he is on evening shift Patrol Company C.

Here is the statement from the APD about Armbruster:

"Armbruster is known to be a hard worker who is extremely competent in all of his Patrol duties as well as his extra assignment duties. During an out of town six hour SWAT callout, Armbruster used great restraint in not using lethal force during the tense situation where the subject was attempting to make officers shoot them. This speaks to the difficulties of every SWAT callout, where officers are continually evaluating the situation as it quickly and emotionally unfolds in front of them.  

 Most recently, Armbruster responded to a shots fired call where he encountered an armed subject who had just fired a round at another citizen. Armbruster displayed a quick awareness of the scene and the circumstances. This led to him not physically engaging the individual and de-escalating the situation with clear verbal commands.     

Of significance, Armbruster left SWAT training one evening and drove upon a major accident just outside the City. He rendered aid to injured parties and performed the Heimlich maneuver on a baby, clearing blood from the airways and then transitioning to CPR."

This was not the first time Armbruster’s name was brought up for the Officer of the Quarter award which speaks volumes about his level of consistent good work and service to both our Department and City. We are proud to present him to our community and you can also see him on our YouTube channel where he recently took part in a video with a member of the Threshold initiative."