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UPDATE: City of Abilene anticipates lifting boil water notice Monday, Feb. 22

Update: Residents should continue boiling water for consumption or ingestion until the City notifies them the notice has been lifted.
Credit: Sidney Timmer

ABILENE, Texas — UPDATE (10:54 a.m. Feb. 20): The boil water notice in the CIty of Abilene remains in effect, however, the City anticipates lifting the notice Monday, Feb.22, excluding any unforeseen problems.

According to the City's latest update, residents should continue boiling water for consumption or ingestion until notified by the City the notice has been lifted. The City said it is working as hard as possible to rescind the boil water notice as sooner if possible.

UPDATE (Noon Feb. 17): Power has been restored to all of Abilene's water plants and work continues to restore service with the goal of water to the entire city by the end of the day, according to the City of Abilene.

If you do have water, you are still asked to conserve as much as possible to help restore service to the entire city faster. Any water coming from the public water supply must be boiled before consumed (a vigorous rolling boil for two minutes before cooling to consume).

UPDATE: The City of Abilene just announced "power has been restored to one water plant." Their crews are working hard and are optimistic that water will be available to most of the city by the end of today. The City of Abilene is advising everyone to keep their faucets closed until told otherwise. 

Once water is restored, a boil water notice will be in effect, which means residents should boil water vigorously for two minutes before using it.

ORIGINAL: At 5:45 p.m. yesterday, the City of Abilene urged residents to limit their water usage as they estimated there was only two to three hours left at the current consumption level.

 Approximately an hour and fifteen minutes after the warning was posted, the City of Abilene said it was “forced to shut off water as a result of power outages from both power sources at all three of its water treatment plants.”

Credit: Sidney Timmer

The City of Abilene is still unsure when the power and water will be back on. However, when the water is returned to customers, there will be a boil water notice in effect. If there are any residents that still have their electricity, they are asked to conserve it in any way they can.