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Abilene's District 3 and 5 water utility customers will have a grace period to pay water bill

Because some customers in Districts 3 and 5 received incorrect water bills, they will have an extension to pay the balance.
Credit: City of Abilene

ABILENE, Texas — Abilene water utility customers in Districts 3 and 5 who received an incorrect January utility bill will have an additional week to pay their bill. The City of Abilene said due dates will be moved from Jan. 10 to Jan. 17, 2020, for affected customers.

A billing error caused bills from 2018 to be reprinted for Districts 3 and 5, instead of the current charges. The error was a printing and mailing error only, the release from the City said, and did not affect bill calculations or account balances.

Correct bills were mailed Jan. 2-3, and bills dated for 2018 should be disregarded. Water utility customers can confirm their district number by locating the first two numbers of their water account, as shown in the photo.

Customers with questions or concerns can contact the Water Utility Office at 325-676-6405, or visit the Customer Service Center at 4595 S. 1st St.