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Angelo Civic Theatre staff hopes to find thieves who took up to $5,000 in equipment, tools

This is an ongoing investigation, according to the theatre's artistic director, Brent Jenkins.
Credit: Angelo Civic Theatre

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Angelo Civic Theatre was broken into right before the weekend started, at approximately 7:30 a.m. Friday, according to staff. Staff said the box office window was not punched open; however, the lock was broken off.

ACT Artistic Director Brent Jenkins described what he saw later Friday morning when he arrived on the scene.

“I came in Friday morning and when I came in, I noticed immediately that there. Well, when you first come in, there is a box office to your left and there is a dual door so we can use it as a counter when people take tickets and I realized the top of the door was shot but the button was open, which is unusual,” Jenkins said.

It was not too long after when Jenkins noticed that the theatre had been robbed.

“The box office had been gone through and things were on the floor and the door to the closet that we have to the box office had been smashed off. They had taken out our cash drawer and put it on the desk and then taking all of the cash and went through all of our bank bags, which really don’t have anything in them. they just have receipts and things of that nature,” he said.

“They had gone through our shop where we build sets and things like that,” Jenkins said. “We’re about $5,000 worth of equipment and tools that were taken,” Jenkins continued.

Those tools and equipment that were stolen are typically used to help put on shows at the facility.

Jenkins said, “Hand tools and things of that nature. so that’s where the majority of the lost came from. Wasn’t really cash. It was really tools and equipment.”

The surveillance video of the theft showed three men - two with face coverings on and one fully uncovered.

“The pictures aren’t dark. Pictures of people roaming around were pretty well lite because it was definitely daylight outside when it hit,” Jenkins said.

ACT responded to comments on a video they posted on Facebook after the robbery occurred:

The theatre staff has decided to beef up the security system by adding five more cameras in addition to the four cameras they initially had. The theatre has been a long time staple of the San Angelo and West Texas community.

“You know, this is the oldest community theatre group in the State of Texas and a lot of people have grown up going to the movies here and they’ve grown up putting on plays here. It’s just a big community theatre,” Jenkins said. “So we feel a lot less secure, unfortunately.”

The arts community is feeling the economic downturn during COVID-19 and Angelo Civic Theatre said it is feeling it even more now.

“We don’t have any income and to rob at this time was the worst possible case scenario for any of these arts organizations. Especially ours as well. So, I would say, you picked a bad time buddy. You picked a bad time. Not there was ever a good time, but wow, it really hurts now,” Jenkins said.“Nobody was hurt. that’s the best news.”

Donations keep nonprofit operations such as this one running. If anyone would like to donate and help, here is a direct link to the Angelo Civic Theatre Facebook page with more information and details.  

The investigation remains ongoing.